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FSB has been a subscriber for a number of years. We’ve always found that the Chambré Public Affairs monitoring service provides timely, accurate intelligence to help us make informed decisions. Their reports are clear, focused and easy to navigate. The Chambré monitoring team themselves are also a great resource, always happy to provide ad hoc help and support.

Roger Pollen Head of External Affairs, FSB Northern Ireland

Roger Pollen

We have always looked to Chambré for monitoring and political intelligence as the leader for the service in Northern Ireland. However with their communications and social media advice, we were able to treble our attendance for the Northern Ireland Business Partnership cybercrime event. With a capacity audience and a smooth running, we were able to communicate our aims and get open and honest feedback that will inform our approach on the issue. They were highly praised for their delivery by leaders from both the justice and the business communities. I have no hesitation in recommending them for both Public Affairs and events support.

Aodhán Connolly Director, Northern Ireland Retail Consortium

Aodhán Connolly

When MindWise was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee award for volunteering Chambré swiftly convened a meeting to discuss the best PR approach to maximise publicity for the charity. As a result we secured two radio interviews and considerable newspaper coverage. Chambré handled this in a professional and sensitive way drawing on the strengths of our own organisation and tuned into the political sensitivities of our good news. An excellent job.

Anne Doherty Deputy Chief Executive, MindWise

Anne Doherty

“The support of Chambré Public Affairs was instrumental in the local launch of the Big Lottery funded ‘Drink Wise, Age Well’ programme, in 2015. They have helped get our message across to a variety of audiences and assisted in organising and delivering a successful stakeholder engagement programme for the campaign, helping us to inform policy makers and influencers in good practise – around effective ways of supporting the 50 plus to make informed choices about their alcohol use.”

Thelma Abernethy Director, Addiction NI

How to write well

I’m still in vacation mode, so here’s a link to a list of solecisms posted by Steven Pinker, who teaches at Harvard. Pinker’s a good guy, but I confess I’ve never run intosome of these goofs; perhaps I don’t hang around with Harvard types enough.

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I don’t know why I’m being so hard on comics lately. Usually comic artists are pretty careful about their use of language, and I have a lot of respect for them, what with having to not only draw, but also write, two very different skills, neurologically speaking. This one is from a comic I don’t read regularly. I saw a link to it on a website that I do read, and this was on the first page. I got locked onto the solecism and haven’t read anything else. It looks like it might be a nice adventure tale for those of you who like that sort of comic, PG rated, I suppose. The comic is called nike air force 1 high womens qk child red cheeks
, by ByFernando Heinz Furukawaand I don’t know what the comic is about. Shame on me for generalizing after looking at only one page, but judging from the non-human sidekick and the cleavage, it looks like it’s aimed at boys in their early teens. The link is to the page where I got this cell.

The speaker might be in character to make the goof, and the artist actually knows better, right? After all, with a Spanish/German/Japanese name, he ought to be really good at English, right?

You know what the mistake is, right? We have a nominative being used as a direct object. Nominative is the general term for what my English teacher called the subjective case, because it was used for the subject of sentences. In every other Indo-European language (far as I know) they call it the nominative.

Remember your English teacher saying that with the imperative, you have an implied subject, “you”? So “Sit down” is really “(you) sit down.” Or in this case, (you) let Sandra and ME deal with your son’sabduction.”

I brought your attention to this example because this mistake most often happens with compound objects of prepositions (it was between him and I) and less often with a direct object. It often happens in the writing and speech of people who fancy themselves as edumacated. They picked it up from being corrected as children, when they started to say something like “Me and Tom went fishing” and the authority figure at hand said, ” ahem. Tom and I went fishing, and is that why you are so muddy?”

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Blackened Salmon Tacos with Mango Guacamole

Blue Corn Breakfast Tacos with Salmon

Sesame Ginger Sweet Teriyaki Salmon

I agree with you on buying most groceries at Trader Joes (or a local chain) and then last minute stuff at Whole foods. There is a Whole foods two blocks from my place so its really convenient, but i try to limit my shopping there!

Definitely! Some more specialty items I get off of Amazon as well.

This looks simply amazing!! Can’t wait to try!

Hope you love it!

I’ve never heard of forbidden rice! This sounds delicious!

It has such an awesome flavor! Let me know if you try it

I had an unlimited membership at Crosstown up until fairly recently. After almost every workout I would end up at Whole Foods. I think wandering Whole Foods after an especially bada** CTF workout is one of my favorite pastimes. So dangerous for my disposable income. But so delightful.

Agreed! Nothing like a little sweaty walk around Whole Foods

Love forbidden rice!! Yum! Knowing where to buy seafood is such an art-form! I live in Seattle and we have a whole-foods like local chain that has the absolutely WORST seafood, but whole foods’ seafood is usually of fairly decent quality! I am glad to hear that you didn’t use Copper River in a marinade like this. It would be pointless to have paid so much per pound to cover the flavor. Its the added omega-3s that make it so special. A much more basic preparation really lets the unique flavors shine. (My fam is in the seafood biz – especially Alaskan salmon – can ya tell? HA!). Love salmon in bowls like this. So so good! But definitely not the right thing to splurge on copper river salmon for!

So interesting! And agreed – I’ll have to make a super simple dish with the fancy salmon

And always buy wild Alaska salmon – I live here. Copper River Kings are awesome, but don’t pass by sockeye, coho or pink! We don’t even avoid chum; but we can catch it fresh. Here’s an ADFG site that shows how to tell what they are.

How do you obtain the nutritional information on your recipes?

Hi Cristina! I use an online nutritional calculator and make sure that each ingredient matches.


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