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Use cases

For a bad hair day “pick-me-up”, to prepare for an important meeting or looking for a great style for an important night out, we can help.

Our coordinators work closely with the bride to arrange dates and times of services and can arrange delivery of catered food and beverages to the salon the day of the wedding, if desired.


owner, leader, master stylist

Christine Zilinski’s flourishing career as a salon owner, stylist, industry speaker, trainer and leadership expert is the product of her tremendous dedication and never–ending commitment to personal growth and professional evolution. @christinezilinski

master stylist

Dream vacation: Backpack around Europe Favorite Artist: Van Gogh Favorite Music: Any Genre Favorite Color: Pink and Green Favorite Food: Mexican Food and Indian Food Quote: “Things turn out the best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out”

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Review by Nicole Zdeb — Published on December 3, 2012 Tags: nike free 5 3 unterschied analog mJz3VpjuYb
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Forty years have passed since L’Arrière-pays was published in French to nearly instant acclaim. It first appeared as part of a collection titled Les sentiers de la creation (The Paths of Creation, 1972) that included contributions by Claude Lévi-Strauss, Roland Barthes, Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon. Now that Seagull Books has ushered the work into English, there can be no doubt that this was a book worth waiting for. The Arrière-pays is an immersion in the heady waters of a profound aesthetic consciousness.

In it, Yves Bonnefoy threads memory, thoughts on art and architecture, dreams, the plot of a favorite book, and two unfinished novels—all through an analytic lens that borrows from language philosophy, Freud, and modernism. He traces the branching of an idea that sparked to life in childhood: that of the l’arriere-pays , a not here that is radiant and transformative; a place of symmetries; an idealization with Platonic overlays. The phenomenon of this lived world, art and nature, reveal this deferment of perfection and trigger the yearning for Other that is so much a part of love. This book could be viewed as a moral tale of how infatuation with a concept, however alluring and seemingly benign becomes dangerous when it leads you out of love with this world.

Bonnefoy recognizes this temptation into delusion and grapples with it with spiritual grace and intellectual rigor. L’Arri è re-pays is, as Bonnefoy says in the preface, “the great phantasm”:

I have often experienced a feeling of anxiety, at crossroads. At such moments it seems to me that here, or close by, a couple of steps away on the path I didn’t take and which is already receding—that just over there a more elevated kind of country would open up, where I might have gone to live and which I’ve already lost.

This book is a study of inquietude, its signs and the system of specialized knowledge, or gnosis, that they represent. Bonnefoy states, “In L’Arrière-pays —and this is what sets it apart from my other books—I took the risk of confronting head on a particular temptation I was prey to, arguing that I had to struggle with it, saying that I had struggled with it, imagining that I had triumphed over it.”

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